Cutting Table Height

How high should your cutting table be?

For quilters using a rotary cutter to slice and dice - the optimum position of your table should be 2-3 inches below your waist.

I'm 5 foot 2 (and a half), and the perfect height of my table is 34" from the floor to my table top's surface. I am short-waisted so somebody else that has an average torso length, or is even long waisted , will have a different set up. That's why it's important to take the time to determine the best height for your cutting pleasure.

Stand at your table, with arm extended out in front, elbow bent at 90 degrees , then drop your forearm and hand 2-3 inches ( about 30 degrees). This is where you are normally using your rotatory cutter because we want to come at the fabric from above. This allows gravity to exert a natural downward force, which takes the pressure of of the wrist holding your rotary cutter.

If you are using your sewing scissors to cut a pattern, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends having your table at waist height.

When I studied pattern making ( for clothing) and tailoring, we were taught to glide our shears against the tables surface.very accurate and easier on the wrist as you are not supporting the weight of your huge shiny Singer sewing scissors, or even worse your pinking shears. Does anyone even own pinking shears anymore? Mine are so dull, they can't cut butter.

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