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Sew Happy and Healthy

By Rose Parr

"Have you ever got into the zone on a quilting project, only to come out of your stitchy haze hours later with a stiff back, aching elbows, and screaming shoulders? This happens to me all the time, and has been the bane of my quilty existence because once I start a project, I can’t stop! Needless to say, when I saw this book I was excited!

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     Hi, I'm Rose, and thanks for stopping by!  Whether you’re a brand new sewist or an old pro, there are plenty of tips here to keep you pain-free while knitting, sewing, and of course quilting until your 100th birthday.       

      My idea of Healthy Quilting consists of two things; Ergonomics and machine maintenance. Ergonomics allows us to work comfortably and efficiently. Machine maintenance refers to the most expensive piece of equipment in your sewing room, the one with no warranty and whose replacement parts can't be found in your local sewing store. You! You are the most important piece of equipment in your sewing room.  

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