About Rose

      Rose has been sewing for 40 years, quilting for 30, and personal training for more than 15.  She holds certifications in:

  • Ergonomics

  • Holistic Nutrition

  • Arthritis Pain Management

  • Home Economics

  •  Reiki, EFT & Meditation

  • Active Aging

    She lives in Guelph, Ontario, Canada with her husband David. Their claim to fame is having run an illegal daycare operation when they had four children under the age of four. Now that's efficient.

    Rose enjoys speaking to quilt guilds both virtually and in-person.  She is a professional longarm quilter and a regular contributor to Canadian Quilter Magazine. 

Her book " Sew Healthy & Happy, Smart Ergonomics, Stretches & More for Makers"  is now available to 

pre-order from Amazon.   



For more information email  rose@healthyquilting.com  or call 1-519-241-1371 EST  , Ontario, Canada