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'You've already made one more quilter start taking better care of their health.    

 Thank you."

  "I very much enjoyed your talk at the F.O.Q. and it made me really think about how I work. I cut and sew at the kitchen lots to think about! "

"On behalf of our textile art group, I would like to thank you for your talk.  I found many useful ideas for taking better care of my body while quilting."           

   Anne, Guelph

  "Taking stock of my four days at Festival, and perhaps this was the most important lecture I went to"  Jenn

"Her presentation was entertaining as well as informative. I found Rose very easy to communicate with as well she has a lot of experience in both public speaking, quilting and many other skills."     Shirlee

   " Rose spoke about it in such detail and made it so specific and relevant to what we do."

" thank you for delivering such a really useful lecture in Birmingham.  I’m already trying to put your stretches into daily use " 

"Many thanks to Rose Parr for the informative talk on keeping our bodies healthy so we can Quilt to 100 and beyond! So many good tips about small changes to make a big difference in the care of our most valuable sewing room asset - ourselves! "   Nancy, Haliburton

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