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     Rose has been sewing for over 50 years, quilting for 30, and personal training for 17. She also lives with arthritis so she knows how to use ergonomics to minimize pain and maximize sewing time. She is happy to speak to your group about ways to stay pain-free while quilting, and crafting.

The Quilter's
Ergonomic Tool Box

See what's new,

discover the must-haves,

and the nice to have.

   Today's quilter has so many helpful tools, gadgets, and notions to choose from. Have you ever wondered which ones are worth purchasing? I'm an advocate for "try before you buy", but now you don't have to buy to try, I've done it for you!

   I've also done the research and will demonstrate the pros and cons of a variety of tools to help make your sewing as ergonomic and pain-free as possible.  If you’ve ever wanted to try a specific tool or learn how to use the one you have, now is your chance. 

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 Studies show a physiological connection between our hands and hearts.

 Studies show a physiological connection between our hands and hearts.

Machine maintenance red carpal tunnel

Discover healthy crafting from the inside out.

Machine Maintenance
for the maker's body.

The most expensive piece of equipment in your sewing room comes with no warranty, no guarantee, and replacement parts are hard to get. That important piece of equipment is you! Learn about: foods that fight inflammation and foods that can contribute to it, energy work, the importance of hydration, strength training, movement, and more stretches for makers. Stretch your aching muscles without having to get on the floor with moves designed for makers. 

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 Studies show a

physiological connection

between our hands and hearts.

Quilting is my Therapy

It's more than just a hashtag

What is about creating that feeds our soul?

Join author Rose Parr to examine ” The Connection Between Art, Healing and Public Health”, which analyzed over 100 studies that found benefits ranging from increased brain productivity, enhanced self-esteem, and lessening the effects of serious health conditions. Is it the creating or the giving? Is the connection deeper when we've made a group project?  Crafting is therapeutic for more than just the creator as now more than ever makers are using their art to not only heal themselves but also to express their views on social injustice in its many forms. Sit, relax and enjoy this therapeutic discussion.

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Learn how to stay pain-free from an expert in sewing ergonomics and health and wellness.

Sew Smart

The ergonomics of healthy quilting

Quilting can be a real pain in the neck, so can cutting, pressing, and handiwork! How high should your cutting table be? How about your ironing board, your sewing chair, or your sewing table? Be ready to learn about: the ergonomics of sewing, pressing, cutting, and handiwork. Her stretches are designed for quilters' trouble spots including text/quilters neck, tight shoulders, lower backache, carpal tunnel syndrome prevention, and they can all be done right in your sewing room. Plus lots of other tips so we can sew smart to sew long! 

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 As a professional longarmer,

Rose knows a thing or two about

the love-hate relationship between

man and machine.

Loving your Longarm

When it feels like it doesn't love you!

Longarm machine quilting presents a unique set of guidelines to consider if we want to stay pain-free.  Learn a variety of ergonomic quilting options for the longarm quilter. Setting up your longarm sewing machine depends on the type of quilting you will be doing. Custom work, pantograph, or digital quilting each have their own ergonomic considerations for pain-free quilting. Each participant will learn the best height for their longarm machine. In addition, we will go through studio setup and the most important stretches for longarmers.

 In addition to being an obsessive quilter and professional longarmer, Rose holds certifications in Personal Training, Ergonomics, and  Nutrition, see about    
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Workshop information is available upon request. 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy an entertaining and
informative 45-minute presentation.
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