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Dry Brushing 101

Enjoy five minutes of self-care.

Once you have your brush, its a free weekly treat!

quilter dry brushing
Greater blood flow = less pain = more sewing time.

Why: We know that we detoxify through our sweat, and that sweat leaves through our it makes sense that creating a clear path will help speed up our body’s natural detoxification. However our liver eliminates toxins for us daily, without any help from dry brushing. So why dry brush?

Dry brushing increases blood flow and naturally improves circulation, which means your organs and muscles receive a better supply of oxygen.

Greater blood flow = less pain = more sewing time.

When: Morning - Brush to get your day started. Dry brushing is energizing as it increases blood flow so its great to in the morning before you shower. You may have a restless night if you do it before bedtime. It can take as little as two minutes, or a decadent ten. I personally don't have the attention span for more than about four minutes, though I've never timed it.

Where: Since you'll be naked, the bathroom with a locked door is a good idea.

What to use: Choose a brush with stiff natural fibres, synthetic fibres can be harsh on your skin. This is something best to buy in person, so you can be sure the bristles are not too rough. You can find decent brushes at the drugstore, but have a look, around your house, you may already have one tucked away.


Always brush towards the heart and on dry skin.

  • start with the bottom of your feet and make small circular movements, working your way up your legs

  • use a clockwise motion on your tummy

  • don't forget your back - which is why the long handles are best

  • for your arms, start with your hands moving up towards your shoulders

  • use firm, long upward strokes, or work in a circular motion where appropriate

  • the whole process takes between two and five minutes

There’s no wrong or right way to do it, any stimulation is better than none if you don't overdo it.

Go Easy! Aim for stimulation not harsh exfoliation, brushing should be gentle and never break the skin. Dry brushing stimulates your natural production of sebum, which means smoother skin in the end. Wash your brush once in a while to get rid of the accumulated dead skin cells or tap it against the edge of your sink.

I can't guarantee it will stimulate your lymphatic system or make your thighs look like they used to, but it can’t hurt!


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