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Brace Yourself for a quick trick to remind you how good sitting tall is supposed to feel.

Sometimes, even the most ergonomically designed workstation doesn't stand a chance against late nights and bad habits. Whether you're a midnight sewer or a workaholic desk jockey , poor posture can sneak up on you.

Leaning in, bending over, texting, typing, knitting and sewing - all of these tasks can have a negative impact on our muscles. Hunching over is usually a sign that you have a tight chest and an underused/weak upper back. Over time, this type of posture contributes to the development of a rounded upper back, causing shoulder and upper back stiffness. Stretching the chest and strengthening the back will help to improve this.

In the meantime many sewers find that using a back brace designed to enhance posture helps to remind us how we are supposed to feel. There are many good ones available, however using a back brace for posture for prolonged periods of time can actually weaken muscles rather than improve your posture. The good thing about tools designed to support the back is that they remind us how we should feel. How we should look, what good posture really looks like.

Instead of purchasing a back brace you can

easily make one from an old infinity scarf.

Open your scarf and tie it in a single knot, keep things nice and loose until you can judge the fit.

Then just slip your arms into like you are donning a jacket without sleeves and VOILA! You have a comfy stylish reminder of what good posture looks like.

See Part 2 of this post for ways to improve posture so you can go back to using use your new posture reminder as a scarf.

Did you give away your infinity scarf?

Check out this easy pattern from in my resource section.


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