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WIN up to $1000 in amazing prizes in the FREE "Sew Grateful for 2021" Sew Along

2020 was a strange year to say the least. A year where we have had to be apart from families and friends, including our quilting communities, guilds, and sewing circles. The winter of 2021 will also be challenging, but spring is just around the corner. Help me celebrate my spring book release by joining the "Sew Grateful for 2021" sew along party.

The “Sew Grateful for 2021” international sew along is a free and friendly event, bringing quilters from across the globe together to work on a common quilting project! For 16 weeks quilters will have the opportunity to participate in this sew along with quilters from all over the world, including Canada, Belgium, Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The goal of this quilt along is to enter 2021 full of optimism, hope, love, peace, and hugs and kisses. And did I mention it is free? We also have a growing prize haul worth over $1,000 donated by the industry's top names.

To enter for your chance to win you need to be a member of our free Facebook group at

Read below for more information.

How the sew along works

The is a block of the week sew along , lasting 16 weeks,

Each week I will kick off our new block with a Live session in which I will take you through the steps of how I made that week’s block, linking to patterns and instructions. I will also give you some ergonomic, sew healthy tips, so you can keep moving while we work. You do not need to attend each live session, as each video will be available in the Facebook group for you to review.

What does the Sew Grateful for 2021 Quilt look like?

The ‘Sew Grateful for 2021’ quilt is a nice sized throw / lap quilt measuring 58 inches by 58 inches square. The quilt pattern features blocks from some of the “tipsters” featured in my book “Sew Healthy and Happy”.

These gifted quilters include Sarah Ashford, Jo Avery, Jenna Clements, Jenny Doan, Brigitte Heitland, Stuart Hillard, Bernadette Kent, Melissa Marginet, Christa Watson, Suzy Williams and more.

The basic tools you will need

Start with the basics the basics to get going on this quilt. These are:

  1. Rotary cutter

  2. Cutting mat

  3. Dressmaking scissors

  4. A ruler designed for rotary cutting.

  5. 1/4 yard Fusible interfacing

  6. Pins and thread

  7. Fabric - Requirements in Facebook group

We asked Stuart Hillard for his advice on his top 3 cutting tools and he told us:

“I’m often asked what tools a new quilter (or for that matter a seasoned one) should reach for first, so here is my “holy trinity” of cutting...

rotary cutter,ruler and mat...

most quilters would be stuck without these and they make cutting fabric patches much faster than traditional scissors. I prefer a trigger handled rotary cutter so that as soon as I put it down the blade retracts.

Ruler-wise invest in a 6” x 24” as a basic workhorse and if you’re feeling flush add a 6” bias square into your shopping cart. A smaller ruler is perfect for trimming. Do make sure you use a proper ruler made for rotary cutting...don’t be tempted to substitute a metal or wooden ruler.

Finally a self healing mat...24” x 36” is a great size if you have the space, but smaller ones are useful for smaller spaces, quick cutting jobs and travelling with you to workshops.

Scissors...are still required though! Great for cutting larger pieces of fabric down before rotary cutting, snipping around templates and trimming the edges of quilts after quilting. Go for a medium sized pair of “dressmakers” scissors...and don’t use them for snipping thread, it blunts them very quickly!”

~ Stuart Hillard

The skills you will need to join us

Beginner, Intermediate and experienced quilters will all enjoy this project. If you are a beginner, the skills will build week to week. My son made his version of this quilt between Boxing Day and New Years Eve, and it was his first quilt. His favourite block was the improvised house block, as his home is in an apartment building. For the more seasoned sewists, you will get to use all the methods you love and maybe a few you don’t.

The blocks use a variety of techniques and scheduled to allow for optimal skill-building. Don’t forget there will be plenty of help in the group from me and other members if you get stuck.

  1. Hugs and Kisses - all straight seams

  2. Little Houses - again straight seams.

  3. Flying Geese - learn the easy method "No Waste Flying Geese" .

  4. Have Heart - Foundation Paper Piecing - my son is a beginner quilter and one of my pattern testers and while he found this a little more advanced, his block looks great!

  5. Courthouse Steps / Dumbbell- simple clean, straight seams in this easy block.

  6. Applique - while this might feel like a new skill to learn, I promise you we'll make it easy with fusible webbing.

  7. Welcoming Pineapple - as this will be a more tricky block to produce there will be help on hand, and if you have an Accuquilt , use your Drunkard’s Path die and there will be special instructions for you.

  8. 8 Pointed Star, Essential Star, Missouri Star - time for more flying geese, straight seams. and easy half square triangles

  9. Precious Pets - the is another foundation paper piecing design, although you can swap to a regular piercing technique here if you prefer.

  10. Improv House - that’s right! It’s time to improvise and design your house block

  11. Plus Sign - positive vibes made with easy straight seams

The growing sew along prize haul

Our list of prizes is growing all the time, I will update on the facebook group page.

  • An Accuquilt Go Me starter set

  • 2 ‘Lap Apps’ by the Lap App Store

  • 2 copies of ‘The Back Mechanic’ by Dr. Stuart McGill

  • Lumbar Support for your sewing chair from BackFit Pro

  • 2 Simply Fit Boards, with mat and 3 DVDs from Rosalie Brown

  • Fabric bundles from the Craft Cotton Co, Benartex, Moda and Dashwood Fabrics

  • An Aurifil thread bundle from Erie Quilt Art

  • Wonderfil Specialty threads

Here is how to enter the sew along and the important dates.

The “Sew Grateful For 2021” - Sew Along Facebook group is open and live for all to join and receive updates, information on where to find local participating stores, and our growing list of prizes!

The FB group is now open to allow time for you to do some shopping. Let your local quilt shop know they can join for free too. Just ask them to email me - for details.

The Sew Along begins April 10th, 2021 and runs until July 24th, 2021.

There will be weekly prizes for participants to win from Accuquilt, BackFit Pro, The Lap App Store, Rosalie Brown Fitness, Zen Chic / Moda Fabrics, The Craft Cotton Company, Benartex and Dashwood fabrics.

There will also be a few surprises before the official start, so join now to qualify. This group is open to anyone with a creative flare, or anyone trying to find their own creative side!

Let’s look to make 2021 a healthy, hopeful, and creative year.

Download a colouring page and start planning your quilt.

colouring page
Download PDF • 181KB

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Joey Patrucco
Joey Patrucco
06 abr 2021

I'm looking forward to learning from you. I am a member of the Sea Island Quilters and you were our guest speaker March meeting. Thanks you for all the notes you sent us.

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