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Read all about it! My new book "Sew Healthy & Happy" is here!

"Sew Healthy & Happy"

This quilter's survival guide combines my 15 years in the health and wellness world with my 40 year love affair with sewing! This book is close to my heart. My mom was an avid quilter, knitter, seamstress and loved to crochet as well. She had to give up all those creative passions when her arthritis made things too painful. I inherited my mother’s genetics along with her creative side, which is why I am determined to keep sewing until I'm a hundred. The perfect gift for the quilter, potter, knitter, happy hooker, crafter or scrapbooker in your life!

Available from your favourite book seller or local quilt shop.

From the publishers.

"Quilting shouldn’t be a pain in the neck! Stay pain-free with this quilter’s survival guide to a healthy mind, body, and spirit. "

Ever been unusually sore after a marathon day of crafting?

There’s no need for pain!

This guide will make sure you have the right posture, techniques, and stretches when putting in those dedicated hours on your next project. Expert Rose Parr will teach you the methods behind ergonomics with useful visual guides, endless tips, healthy recipes, and contributions from the best quilters in the industry!

• Certified health and ergonomics specialist Rose Parr shares her expertise on how to sew smarter, healthier and happier.

• Includes exercises, stretches, recipes, and tips to keep you in prime sewing form.

• Keep your mind sharp and your body ache-free!

See what's inside!

Review by Jane Kelly,

Editor at Make Modern Magazine

"Sew Happy and Healthy

By Rose Parr

Have you ever got into the zone on a quilting project, only to come out of your stitchy haze hours later with a stiff back, aching elbows, and screaming shoulders? This happens to me all the time, and has been the bane of my quilty existence because once I start a project, I can’t stop! Needless to say, when I saw this book I was excited!\n Rose Parr is a certified personal trainer who is also a quilter, so she knows exactly what quilters and crafters need to watch out for in the studio. This book starts with an extensive section on ergonomics, covering cutting, pressing, and sewing.

It shows you how to set up your sewing space most ergonomically, right down to calculating the height of worktops based on your height. She also covers moving between tasks and watching that your lighting is efficient. Whether you’re planning a whole new studio or just tweaking a few things, Rose’s tips are well worth following.

The next section focuses on stretching, with specific stretches targeting high-fatigue areas. Then it moves onto healthy eating and lifestyle habits, including a few recipes. If you’ve ever felt pain from sewing, then this book is a worthwhile addition to your library.

Sew Happy and Healthy is published by C&T Publishing.

Look for it at your favourite bookseller.

Published in Make Modern Issue 39,

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