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Quilt Canada 2019 - Ottawa Rocks My NJS Entry Revealed

Quilt hanging in national juried show.
Graceful Koi hanging at Quilt Canada 2019 in Ottawa

When a quilt is accepted into the National Juried Show at Quilt Canada, we are asked to remove any online images. Now that it's over (no ribbon for me), I can show you my baby. This was a "real" quilt, not something made for a show. This makes it even more exciting that is was accepted among the hundreds of other entries.

Graceful Koi hung on a wall all to itself which really showcased it. It was entered as a "Traditional Wall Quilt", but it was really a lap quilt I made for my daughter - you guessed it -Grace.

After seeing the other entries I am even happier mine was included. I will admit, this was a little boring when you see it on a wall, maybe lacked a focus, but the beautiful fabrics make up for it.

I'm more known for my ergonomic tips and stretches, but I still sew a lot. In fact in addition to presenting at The Festival of Quilts, I am also sending a quilt to England. Stay Tuned!

The vibrant Koi and a few other fabrics were purchased from a lady downsizing her stash. All of the other fabrics were on hand from previous projects, no additional fabric was purchased. My goal was to see the koi, so I started at the border and worked my way in. Everything came together so perfectly, it looked like kit. Please zoom in and check it out in detail. I quilted it on my Avante longarm, the pattern is called Extension.


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