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Discount Code Festival of Quilts 2019

Classes are filling up fast for my two lectures at The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England this summer. If you are attending and haven't registered yet, please use this code for a discount! This year I have a unique discount code for entry tickets to The Festival of Quilts 2019. With this code my customers will pay £14.50*for adults and £14* for concessions on tickets bought in advance of the show.

My Unique Promotion Code is WT87

or call 0844 858 6749 and quote code WT87 when prompted.

Workshops, fabrics, toys, quilts and yes Jenny Doan, what more could you want? My hubby and I are hiking the Highlands of Scotland before Birmingham, so I'll be warmed up and ready to go. Okay, so I might not be warm, fingers crossed.


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