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Sew Smart Workshops
The Ergonomics  of Healthy Quilting
Discover how to create your very own pain-free sewing environment.  Learn ergonomic strategies to stay healthy, happy, and pain-free while cutting, pressing, and sewing in your sewing room. Whether it's a full crafting studio, the end of the kitchen table, or somewhere in between.


Healthy quilting includes:

  • The ergonomics of sewing, pressing, cutting

  • Studio design and set-up

  • FMQ and longarm quilting posture

  • Stretches designed to be done at your sewing machine

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome prevention

  • The importance of hydration and movement

  • And other tips so we can sew smart to sew long! 

       In addition to being an obsessive quilter, Rose holds certifications in Ergonomics, Personal Training, Nutrition, Home Economics, Arthritis Pain Management, and Older Adult Training. See About   

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