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Let's sew
a Seatbelt Protector

seat belt cover workshop.jpg

Every time I get in the car, the seatbelt seems to cut right into my neck, I'm 5 foot 2 and a half inches tall and quite short-waisted. I used to just slip the shoulder harness down out of the way, but that's not too safe. I've made these for friends and included them in a gift set with posture reminders and reusable makeup pads. 

These are super easy and sew up fast, all you need is:

  • an orphan block, fat quarter, or approximately 10 x 10' of fabric  any woven fabric, upholstery, denim, or something from your stash of quilting cotton.

  • 6-8 inches of velcro

seat belt Protector pattern (2).jpg
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