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An interactive, entertaining and informative

45 - 60 minute live Powerpoint presentation.

Machine Maintenance

for the Quilter’s Mind, Body & Soul

      Stay pain-free from the inside out with nutrition to fight inflammation, energy work, strength training, and more stretches for makers. This lecture is also known as "Healthy Quilting from the Inside Out”.  It is a live PowerPoint presentation that looks at nutrition to help you reach your goal of sewing as a centenarian.

      Discover what foods fight inflammation and which ones make it worse: take an in-depth look at using proper form and technique to build muscle a range of motion. 

Quilting can be a real pain in the neck, but it doesn't have to be. 

Machine Maintenance includes:

  • Learning the right way to stretch*.

  • Discovering foods that fight inflammation

  • Discovering foods that can contribute to inflammation.

  • Basic strength training exercises to keep you strong.

  • Stretches designed to be done at your sewing machine

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome prevention

  • The importance of hydration and movement

  • And other tips so we can stay pain-free and #sew2a100 

 *Participants who are interested in stretching with Rose will need to complete a PAR-Q.

Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire. 

       In addition to being an obsessive quilter, Rose holds certifications in Personal Training, Ergonomics, Nutrition, Arthritis Pain Management, and Older Adult Training. See About    

45-minute Lecture $300.00 CAD plus HST

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   "Many thanks to Rose Parr for the informative talk on keeping our bodies healthy so we can Quilt to 100 and beyond! So many good tips about small changes to make a big difference in the care of our most valuable sewing room asset - ourselves! "   Nancy

" thank you for delivering such a really useful lecture in Birmingham.  I’m already trying to put your stretches into daily use "

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