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Have fun browsing!
The links provided will take you directly to that shop's website with their pricing, sorry the $0.00 is not for realsies. Shipping is crazy right now, often the shipping cost for two or more isn't that much more than just getting one gift. Most of these items, I have personal experience with, but as new ideas are suggested, I'm going with my gut and leaving the final decision up to you. For Oliso, Make Modern Magazine, and Vigurus, please apply any discount code to my affiliate link, so I can buy more fabric. I am not compensated by any of the other makers listed.  Thank you. New items are added weekly.
If you have a product that belongs on this list, email me, at     Cheers,  Rose

A few of the books from my bookshelf, my audible account, and my reading list as well. You can find these books at your favourite bookseller. Check the author's website for autographed copies. email me at with your recommendations.

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