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Let's sew a
heat wrap 

for your neck, feet, hands,
lower back...

red orange Neck Flaxseed heat wrap on white.png

No matter how great our posture is or how often we stretch,  sometimes our bodies just need a little warm healing. This flaxseed heat pack is a quick project. It's great to pop in the microwave for a minute or two and then wrap it around the body part of choice. These make a great gift, all you need is:

  • approximately .25 m COTTON fabric, including denim, upholstery fabrics. Just decide on the width you want your wrap to be, and double it, adding .5inch for one side seam allowance.  If using yardage, you can get two wraps from a standard 43-inch wide fabric. A fat quarter yields one 5 to 8-inch wide by 21-inch long wrap. Orphaned quilt blocks work as well, just add fabric to sides to increase size. Back the block to be sure flax seed doesn't escape!

  • ribbon for looped end

  • whole flaxseed, app. 2 lbs per wrap

Flax Seed Wrap Illustrations pattern.png
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