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From Lee Valley 

Developed in response to a customer who felt seamstresses and tailors were under-served in tool development, specifically regarding the U-shaped thumb stabber that is currently called a seam ripper. The Pro kit includes two sharp-end stitch-picker blades for starting a seam, and four safe-tip rippers that complete the job without snagging the fabric.

The instruction brochure covers straight and top-stitched seams as well as 3 and 4 thread serged seams, and the techniques you use for each kind. The six blades, two blade holders and detailed instructions all come in a fitted metal case to keep everything together.

The blades are durable, but replacement blade packs are available separately for heavy-duty users. Suitable for anyone who does sewing, even on a casual basis.

Made in Canada.


Pro Seam-Ripper Kit

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