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And why they will soon be yours too!


So you have a new sewing room and you're looking for some of my best tool recommendations?


No problem, I have you covered! Here’s a list of exactly what I use daily to make my sewing room pain-free, comfortable and happy. Some of these products (but not all) contain affiliate links, for which I may receive a commission for purchases made. There is no added cost to you and sometimes I am also able to add an additional discount to your purchase. Win-Win. Thank-you

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My Favourite Must Haves

SP1KE Cushion

Suffering from a painful butt, or back
while sewing?

I've been looking for a square seat topper that doesn't wobble or compress like a deflated balloon, I've found one that does it all! The Sp1ke Cushion:

● Promotes blood and oxygen circulation through gentle and continuous massage

● Eliminates numbness and discomfort by dispersing pressure

● Helps improve posture and balance

● Reduces heat build-up with grid design

● Cushions vibration and impact to reduce risk of injury that can lead to chronic pain

Makers save 20 percent 

Use discount code

Healthyquilting20 at checkout

Vigurus Insoles

SP1KE Insoles are made with a unique Tips & Mesh system that stimulates the proprioceptive nerve system in the feet (skin, muscles, tendons, and joints) to sub-consciously and continuously control the body’s position, balance, and movement in three-dimensional space.

    The continuous gentle massaging action across the whole foot encourages blood/oxygen flow to energize the body and reduce numbness and fatigue.

Use discount code

Healthyquilting20 at checkout

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  •     SP1KE technology naturally activates and strengthens all the tiny muscles of the foot for proper function, to help rectify the causes of common foot problems like; plantar fasciitis, bunions, fallen arches and hammer toe.
  • SP1KE insoles mold to each user’s exact foot shape, with each step for pressure relief, cushioning, shock and vibration absorption in all directions. Provides a balanced foundation for aligning all our joints from the ankles to the neck to support and maintain natural posture, reducing strain and discomfort.
  • The material is completely closed-cell foam that doesn’t support the growth of pathogens and odours. They can be washed as often as you like to stay fresh and clean.
  • The insoles are extremely durable, washable and odour free.
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Save your wrists from all that the ironing

The Smart Iron has a no-lift feature, which is hands-down my favourite feature as a specialist in ergonomics. I really think it should be called the “no lift and flip” feature because that's what we're doing every time we use a conventional iron, we lift it, then we flip it over to use. The wrist does all the work!


My second favourite thing is the anti-scale system. Guelph is famous for its hard water, so I’m very happy to not be purchasing any more big plastic bottles of distilled water for my sewing room.

mini iron_

Oliso Irons

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Make Modern

Save 25% off your Subscription
when you use this link!

This modern quilt magazine is published bi-monthly. Each issue is 100+ pages jam-packed with modern quilt patterns designed by international quilters. They have some really well-written articles to inspire and teach you something new, and interviews with your favourite quilt designers. Issues are delivered as PDF files, to be read on your computer, tablet, or phone, with patterns printed as you wish. 
Artisan tools at their finest

If I'm going to look at something every day, hold it in my hand, and use it to create things for the people I love - then why can't it be beautiful as well as functional? This is not an affiliate link, it's just a way to introduce you to Bruce who is an exceptional artisan.

BwA Woodturning

B w A

lap app.png
Recommended by my students

The Lap App is a small, adjustable lap table that provides a place to rest your hands while you stitch. Since I don't do a lot of hand stitching, I don't own this, but many of my students do. Those that have it, would never do their handiwork without it and so it made sense to mention it on my must-have list. This is not an affiliate link, it's just a way to help you find this great product.

The Lap App

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