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Sew, Stand, Stretch, Repeat

One more block, one more section of my border....I am as guilty as the next person of staying too long at the machine. Even after 13 years as a Personal Trainer, I still do not stretch as much as my clients do. If I know I have a really good chunk of time to sew, I set my phone timer for 45 minutes. This forces me to think about dinner, go to the powder room, water the plants, change out of my pyjamas, shower or just stand up and stretch. For me a timer is the only thing that works. I have tried breaking between Netflix episodes, but you know they just keep playing. Luckily my sewing machine is usually on the third floor and the longarm is in the basement, so I get some steps worked in as well.

Healthy Quilting includes lots of stretching. Circle your arms out to the sides to reach toward the ceiling. Look up, and feel your chest opening up. Look way up to counteract all the looking down you've been doing. throw in a few big arm circles and carry on.


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