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Its a Gas Pedal not a Slippery Slider!

How many times have we slid our foot farther under the sewing table chasing after our foot pedal. In a car the pedals don't move and neither should our sewing machine foot pedal. I learned to sew with a leg lever ( my mom was thrilled to move on from a treadle machine) and with many new machines you can just push a button. But for those of us with a floor pedal, they can be a pain - literally. When we search for the pedal our previous perfectly ergonomic sewing posture slips away. We don't want to waste time resetting things perfectly, so vroom, vroom, off we go, half the time mines up side down, yes it works, but it's not healthy sewing or smart ergonomics. Your hips are now misaligned and the rest of your body is compensating. So anchor your pedal. You can purchase rubber pads, but here is a great tutorial from on making a pedal pad, which I may get to someday.

non slip machine foot pedal pad
Check out this tutorial from

For now I've just chopped off a piece of carpet gripper and attached it to my pedal with 2-sided tape, works great.

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