What do gamers, workaholics and sewcialists all have in common? Tight chest muscles!! This can lead to poor posture by causing the shoulders to roll forwards, increasing the risk of shoulder and neck problems. Poor posture results from certain muscles - the chest - tightening up or shortening while others lengthen and become weak which often occurs as a result of one's daily activities. Therefore it's important to stretch the tight chest muscles and strengthen the underused back muscles.

Chest Stretch for poor posture

Chest Stretch:

  • Lift your arms up to shoulder height with your palms facing forward

  • Take a deep breath in, on the exhale gradually push both hands slightly behind you, while squeezing your shoulder blades together

  • Look up and feel the stretch !

Strengthen your back for better posture.

To strengthen your back :

  • Attach your therapy band to a doorknob

  • Stand tall, with palms down, grab both ends of band

  • Slowly bring the band in tight to your body contracting your shoulder blades

  • Keep tension on the band

Sometimes, even the most ergonomically designed workstation doesn't stand a chance against late nights and bad habits. Whether you're a midnight sewer or a workaholic desk jockey , poor posture can sneak up on you.

Leaning in, bending over, texting, typing, knitting and sewing - all of these tasks can have a negative impact on our muscles. Hunching over is usually a sign that you have a tight chest and an underused/weak upper back. Over time, this type of posture contributes to the development of a rounded upper back, causing shoulder and upper back stiffness. Stretching the chest and strengthening the back will help to improve this.

In the meantime many sewers find that using a back brace designed to enhance posture helps to remind us how we are supposed to feel. There are many good ones available, however using a back brace for posture for prolonged periods of time can actually weaken muscles rather than improve your posture. The good thing about tools designed to support the back is that they remind us how we should feel. How we should look, what good posture really looks like.

Instead of purchasing a back brace you can

easily make one from an old infinity scarf.

Open your scarf and tie it in a single knot, keep things nice and loose until you can judge the fit.

Then just slip your arms into like you are donning a jacket without sleeves and VOILA! You have a comfy stylish reminder of what good posture looks like.

See Part 2 of this post for ways to improve posture so you can go back to using use your new posture reminder as a scarf.

Did you give away your infinity scarf?

Check out this easy pattern from Christina - a DIYer and decorator living on the Alberta prairies here in spectacular Canada.


Here's a tasty treat for an afternoon snack or a light lunch. Chia seeds, hemp hearts and sliced almonds over strawberries with a dab of whipped cream to help it all go down smoothly.

Yes, I could have used yogurt, but since I’m not perfect and I had the whipped cream... I’m always looking for ways to add healthy fats to fight inflammation, keep my brain and heart healthy, okay and to fill in a few wrinkles from the inside out.


· 1 tbsp of Hemp Hearts

· 1 tbsp chia seeds

· 10 chopped almonds or walnuts

· ½ cup sliced fresh strawberries, raspberries or blackberries

· 2 tbsp vanilla yogurt or whipped cream

Almonds, Chia seeds and Hemp hearts are all nutrient dense foods. That means more bang for your buck. Fun fact, almonds are technically seeds, as are chia seeds, but hemp hearts (hulled hemp) are really nuts. Hemp seeds come from the cannabis plant, but only have trace amounts of THC, so its safe to use your rotary cutter after lunch.

All three are rich in protein, vitamin E and several minerals, but most importantly they contain healthy fats. Primarily omega 3 which is the good stuff that makes our joints happy, skin smooth, brain working and can decrease our risk of heart disease and reduces PMS and menopause symptoms.

The healthy fat in nuts and seeds helps with satiety, the feeling of fullness. The combination of fat, protein and fibre means that nuts and seeds are digested slowly, providing a long, slow release of energy to keep blood-sugar levels stable. For anyone counting carbs, take a look at the chart below. Hemp and Chia seeds have equal amounts of fibre and Carbohydrates resulting in a zero net carb balance.

A Strawberry a day could keep your wrinkles at bay!

We all know that strawberries have vitamin C and we may have read that this vitamin is vital to the production of collagen, which helps to improve skin’s elasticity and resilience. However vitamin C isn’t the only naturally occurring wrinkle fighter found in this fruit. Ellagic acid is a naturally occurring compound found in plants. It is found in the highest concentrations in dark fruits, including blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, pomegranates and in walnuts. In plants, ellagic acid provides natural UV protection. In people, it can help protect skin from oxidative stress induced by UV radiation and the natural aging process.

Researchers at Hallym University in Korea applied a cream containing ellagic acid to a mild sunburn (on mice) and it greatly reduced inflammation. They concluded that ellagic acid visibly prevented collagen destruction and inflammatory response. Good news for us since these are the two major factors in the development of wrinkles. Overall it encourages the rebuilding of our skin’s elasticity, and that means less fine lines and wrinkles.

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